What is SEO?

The word SEO is originated from Search Engine Optimization and it means optimizing sites for search engine. SEO includes different techniques and represent you to people who are looking your services and products through search engine like Bing, Yahoo and Google. Finding your site by people in top ranks of search engine page result is really worthy for your site and surely has a significant importance for you. In fact, it is a free advertisement in the best world advertising place. This process will lead free traffic to your site through search engine like Google.


Because of this traffic has achieved by searching keywords related to your business, the possibility to attract visitors and convert them to customers is so high. In fact, if your advertisement in SEO is attractive you will get a lot of customers and finally you will be successful in your SEO business.

Why you should invest in SEO?

Today in competitive market, SEO has an important role. Millions of user use search engine to solve their problems and find a proper answer to their questions. So, it is clear that if you are owner a Weblog, Site or an online store, SEO can

help you a lot and also can cause to achieve your goals and you will grow in your business.


The importance of optimizing your site:


Most users will choose one of the five higher suggestions on the search result page when they are searching something. If your site has a high rate, surely you will have more visitors and customers.

SEO is not just about search engine and having a good strategy in this regard will improve the experience of users and also websites.

SEO also cause to promote the site in social networks. In fact, when people find your site through search engine, they more likely share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others social networks.

When you search a word or a question in Google or any other search engine, the answers is represented by result pages (SERP). At any time, to arrange and set these results, a set of complex algorithm are implemented that include SEO Ranking Factor and the search engine based on these result decide about your site rate. So an optimizing site that observed all factor about SEO, has a higher chance of being in higher rate than other sites. First five results in Google have allocated 67 percent of clicks to themselves.

Google as a most popular search engine, considers more than 200 factors to determine ranking and if we want categorize these signals, they are: on page SEO and off page SEO.  

What is on-page SEO?

As the topic indicated, the internal SEO factors points to optimizing agents and standardize the site for users and search engine. The main element of this section are:   Keywords: each page has a specific subject and purpose that by using keywords we can transfer the content and the subject to search engine. For example, a page like a photography camera includes a variety of words such as (camera lens, camera accessories …) and all these information has been in HTML. Title tag: the title of page is visible in SERP and also in browser tab. This is one of the most important and strongest signals and it also includes keywords. Header tag: most web pages are divided to sections and topics that are presented with h tags. The h1 tag could contain the main keyword. Content optimization: the content of your page and article should at least contain 300 keywords. If you give only short and non- quality content, you may be punished by Google algorithm because of your bad content. Internal links: the menu and the navigation bars cause that you can introduce most important sections of your site to users and search engine. So make sure that these links are available and safe. You should always consider the internal link as an important point. SEO URL: the URL structure is so important because it helps search engine so they will have a better perception from content and page address. By putting keyword in URL of a page, even the users can guess the content of that page. It is better for you that do not use conjugation letters like (or, in), numbers and symbols in the URL structure. Choosing name and description image (Alt tags): your image should be optimized and describable by Alt tag. If the image is uploaded on its special category, its name is also should present the image content. Make sure that the coding structure is valid and the architecture of site is standard. Make sure that your site is responsive to display on smart mobile phone, tablets and other devices. Make sure your site page are uploaded by a proper and right speed. Speed of site is one of the most important factors in ranking and even cause to bounce rate so it should be considered wel

l. What is off-page SEO? In addition to the change that you can do for your site by considering on page standards, there are some factors that are placed in off- page. Unlike on- page SEO, the optimizing of off- page SEO, occurs completely outside of the site and

most important of them are:

  • Link building
  • Activity in social networks
  • Activity in social bookmarking networks

Link building

Link building means providing solutions to receive links from other sites. The link building is most popular and effective factor in optimizing off-page SEO. One of the best ways to get link is creating good content for site. For example

everyone can share this article on social network with his or her friends. Other ways are:

  • blogging
  • Comment on sites
  • Send something in community
  • Register the site in the directory
  • Participate in Q & A sites

Social media

Social media can be part of your strategy in optimizing site. It should be noted that almost all links that are received from social networks have the nofollow Property. But it does not mean they have no value. Source: https://fastseo.top/